Our Horses and their People

Barney Barney (1986, 1/2 Standardbred, 13.2 hh) is as long as a 14.2 horse and as wide as a 15.2 horse and has the ego of a 17.2 horse--at least. He doesn't look much like a Standardbred,but you won't doubt his ancestry once you experience his overdrive trot; he can trot faster than anything we have except Mack. Barney did some competitive trail with our former helper Alison. He is very dominant; when he passes by, almost all the other horses snap to attention and address him as "Mr. Pony, Sir!" His major excavations in the stall have earned him the name Barney Backhoe, but we wouldn't trade him for anything. Where would this website be without his popular column? Barney has added to his repertoire in recent years, learning a number of circus tricks such as playing a keyboard and brandishing a sword. Pat will be happy to demonstrate his talents at the drop of a curry comb.
Dandee Dandee (1987, Arabian, 15.0 hh) was Pat's usual mount for competitive trail for many years. People who think that Arabians are hyper and goofy should try this laid-back boy. He is always quiet and gentle. His calm personality makes him an excellent lesson horse as well as helping him to finish with good results in competitive trail.
Rocky Rocky (1995, Arab, 14.3 hh) is Roxy's son, though we just bought him recently and are very pleased with him. In a few months his smooth gaits and sweet temperament have made him popular with a lot of kids.
Aria Aria (1996 Arab, 15.1 hh), registered name Shalom Aravah, is a chestnut mare. She was used for dressage and some jumping, but a few years ago she was purchased by Mark and Virginia Phillips to use for endurance and competitive trail. Pat now uses her on trail, and she is a laid-back lesson horse.
Snowy Snowy (1998, Cremello, 15.1 hh) has big blue eyes. She has worked out very well as a lesson horse for older students.
Splash Splash (2002, Pinto) is probably a cross between a Belgian and a Paint. She was first bought by a girl who trained her in jumping and dressage. She was shown and did very well in hunter classes. Lonesome Acres purchased her in 2011. She has a quiet, generally unflappable personality. She is used at all levels and is a favorite in the school.
Denali Denali (2004, Clydesdale x Anglo-Arab, 16 hh) was bred by Rose Danko in New Lowell. Her sire was an Anglo-Arab called Dane, short for Great Dane, because he was so tall. Her mother was a large Clydesdale mare. Rose did her groundwork and backing before passing her on to friends for a few years, and she then came to Lonesome Acres. Denali does not like to work too hard, and has been known to express her views on that subject. She does have lovely smooth gaits and can carry the biggest riders with no problem.
Pat Pat Gottlieb (no foaling dates given for humans) has been fascinated with horses ever since she was a very little girl. She took riding lessons at 13 and bought her first horse at 18. That first horse was soon killed in a barn fire, and she bought Lonesome shortly after. Pat has done just about every conceivable equestrian event: pleasure, Western games, cross-country jumping, competitive trail as well as week-long horseback camping trips. She has an immense library of horse books. Pat worked as a primary school teacher for many years before retiring and thus has the background to set young riders at their ease. Her lessons and summer camps have always been a fun time for the kids. e-mail: pat@lonesomeacres.com.
Vic Vic Milne has been looking after horses since 1972, but didn't get into riding for a long time. When he moved in with Pat in 1989, he told her that he would help her look after the horses but didn't plan on getting any closer to a saddle than wearing English Leather aftershave. On a vacation in Cuba he accompanied Pat on a livery ride and had so much fun on his gaited horse that soon after their return Pat was shopping all over to find a Paso Fino for him. Tisca was soon purchased, and after that there was no stopping Vic. He describes his role at Lonesome Acres as Chief Cook and Webmaster. He does much of the maintenance work around the barn, tracks the finances, maintains this website, and does most of the cooking as Pat may often be out in the arena teaching lessons in the evening.
Sara Sara Riley took riding lessons as a girl in England. For a time she was too busy with marriage and raising kids, but eventually she came to Pat to brush up on her skills and took lessons with her daughters Heather and Kristen. She also has a son Shane, but he preferred to just hang out with the Lonesome Acres dogs while his mom and sisters were doing their equestrian thing. Then the Riley family bought Jasmin. Eventually Sara was filling in with the coaching and the chores when Pat couldn't be there. She was always ready to pitch in when Pat and Vic needed some relief from the chores, which of course must always get done. Now she has bought the business, and Pat and Vic will be her helpers. We are sure she will always adhere to the high standards which Pat set for caring for the horses and teaching lessons. e-mail: sara@lonesomeacres.com


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