Camping Trips


Bobcaygeon, 1990

Actually this was our honeymoon. We took along Tisca and Gypsy and camped on crown land in the Bobcaygeon area all by ourselves. Every day we rode over the sometimes boggy snowmobile trails, and we often rode the horses into an isolated lake to cool them off. Gypsy loved the water and would get her front hoof flailing like a paddle wheel steamer.

breakfast on the run

Seguin Trail 1991

Here Tisca and Mack grab a few bites before heading out on the trail. The Seguin Trail in the Parry Sound area is an abandoned rail line with good footing for the horses and beautiful scenery. On this camping trip we were accompanied by Helen Mason and Audrey Steiner with their own horses.

Some years ago Pat and Helen did a number of self-contained camping trips carrying everything in saddlebags and blanket roll. However, Vic was able to convince Pat that at our age a bit of luxury wouldn't hurt, so he bought an old trucktop camper to use for competitions and camping trips. It may be battered, but Vic religiously keeps the appliances in good working order.

ya gotta get up

Copeland Forest, 1992

Always raring to go, Tisca rouses our friend Helen Mason from a lunchtime nap on a horse-camping trip.

It's stretching the term a bit to call this a camping trip. Tico had been born that summer and we were reluctant to go away. So we boarded our horses ten miles up the road with a friend near the Copeland Forest. Every night the four of us "camped" at Lonesome Acres, and after morning chores we drove up the road to tack up our horses and ride into the forest.

I can handle this!

Sandaraska Park, 1997

Mack relaxes in his paddock after a day on the trails. Sandaraska Park is one of our favourite places to vacation. It's a private campground near Bethany, Ontario. You can bring your horses with you and ride through the Ganaraska Forest on sandy trails with hardly a bug to pester you.

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