Baby Pictures

first baby

It's a boy!

Gypsy nurses her first foal, Tico. We've only bred two colts here at Lonesome Acres, both out of Gypsy but with different sires. Gypsy is a thoroughbred; her registered name is Diamond Heist.

Gypsy is too much the fiery racetrack thoroughbred ever to be a relaxing ride, even for an expert like Pat. However, she deserves a large t-shirt proclaiming her to be the "World's Greatest Equine Mom." Incredibly solicitous of her babies, Gypsy was nevertheless willing to let her humans handle them right from birth.

Tico was born outdoors near sundown on June 2, 1992, that cold, cold summer. He was unable to get to his feet because of the frigid temperature, so Vic carried him into the barn as Pat led Gypsy. Vic grunted as he set him down, "Ninety pounds if he's an ounce!"


Look, mommy!

Tico stretches his legs at age 2 months -- August 1992.

baby Arrow

I'm cute!

Pat gives baby Arrow a hug just hours after his birth--on Pat's own birthday, June 9, 1996.

learning experience

Is this how you do it, Mommy?

Arrow tries grazing at one month.

This one looks different!

born on the first of July!

Gypsy throws remarkably handsome foals, even if we do say so ourselves, but other people think so too. In between Tico and Arrow, Gypsy was leased for a year to a Paint breeder to have this handsome boy. Mr. Diamond Heist is a registered Paint stallion, who is now a stud at Just-an-Echo stables.

We couldn't really afford to go on having foals, and as Gypsy will never make a lesson horse in a million years, we reluctantly sold her to our friend Laura York. Gypsy now has a thoroughbred colt. Maybe he'll be burning up the track in a couple of years.

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