Dogs (& cats) are people too

We love our horses dearly, but we do draw the line at our front door. However, the dogs and two of the cats do live with us in the house. The dogs and cats are very much a part of the farm.

Humanity can generally be divided into dog-lovers and cat-lovers. (As far as we are concerned, people who do not love at least one of dogs, cats or horses should just resign from the human race.) We are by a little bit in the dog-lover camp. We're extremely fond of our cats, but the dogs are family.

The Birthday Puppy

Spock at 5 months

Mr. Spock is a purebred Labrador Retriever born on April 18, 2003. Vic had a few black part labs in his life before Lonesome Acres. Soon after he moved in with Pat, she bought him for his birthday a lovely Lab X Setter puppy we called Katy. Katy lived for almost 14 years and that established our Lonesome Acres tradition of having a red dog and a black dog.

Spock was born right here in Oro-Medonte Township; his mother is a family pet (with good bloodlines) who lives on a farm several miles north of here on the same road.

Somehow Pat and Vic got their wires crossed on the last two dogs: Vic, the lab guy, picked the Irish Setter ("the cuddliest girl in the litter") and Pat, the setter lady, picked the black lab ("the cute little guy with the white spot"). In addition, just as Katy was Vic's birthday dog, Spock is now Pat's birthday dog. Spock was ready to move to Lonesome Acres right on Pat's birthday, and his mother's owner sent him along with a big red ribbon around his neck.

After just a few days we could tell that he is a very sweet affectionate puppy. He follows us closely and is always eager to lick a hand. He has been very good about adapting to his new home. He doesn't whine about being put in his cage when it's necessary, and from a very young age he got through the whole night without making a mess. He was fully house trained by 10 weeks. Maybe naming him Spock is promoting logical Vulcan behavior!

Because of his enthusiastic welcomes—he wags his whole body— our stablegirl Lisa has designated Spock the official greeter of Lonesome Acres.

At the age of 5 months Spock began obedience training with the Best Behaved Dog Academy, or as he prefers to call it, the Vulcan Academy of Science. Eventually he completed his basic obedience and his off-leash training.

Spock is much more laid back than his namesake in Star Trek and he is often to be found snoozing on the couch or the bed in the house. However, he does have plenty of energy to follow the horses on the trail and is a powerful runner.

After our old orange cat passed on at 17, we went for a year without a house cat but decided the household was not complete without one. Through a friend who is involved in cat rescue we adopted Cookie. He was already named and we saw no reason to change it.

He is a very friendly cat with a very loud purr and a high energy level. He goes racing through the house sometimes at the wrong hours. His chief problem is that he is always knocking down small objects such as ballpoint pens, and then when Spock finds these "toys" on the floor he is likely to start chewing with his powerful jaws.

Spock thinks that Cookie is a great pal, and Cookie comes up to him without any fear. Perhaps that's why Cookie seems fond of settling down beside the little Labrador statue in our bedroom.

Foxy Lady Foxy Lady has very unusual markings. She is a torby, a blend of tortoise shell and tabby. Pat found her at a friend's barn when she was a little kitten and brought her home to be a barn cat. However, she was so friendly, following everyone around, that Vic decided maybe she should be a house cat to reach her full potential. She is that, but she still likes the barn and often stays there overnight. Unfortunately she and Cookie are not best buddies; he's much bigger than she is, but he is afraid of her.

Daisy We have always had big dogs, black Labs and Irish Setters, but as Cinnamon started to show signs of age, we realized that so were we. It's no longer so easy to lift a big dog into the car to go to the vet. So we decided that we would downsize on our next dog. Almost a year after Cinnamon's passing, we got this little blonde Cockapoo.

Daisy was born in April 2013, and we brought her home when she was seven weeks old. She is a very clever, alert little dog, and shortly after her arrival Vic found a puppy-obedience class to enroll her in. She is a very energetic dog, but being so small she can get much of her exercise boucing off the walls in the house. Although there is a huge difference in size, her personality reminds us in some ways of Cinnamon. She is very assertive, and she is obsessed with toys; if she doesn't have a toy with her outside, she will pick up a stick and carry it with her.

Daisy is forever trying to play with Cookie, who is about her height and just a bit heavier. However, he doesn't seem to get the idea, and Daisy is forever lamenting, "Cats got no sense of humor."

The Names of Cats

Did you know that all cats have three names?

Our old house cat was named MINNIE QUIRINIUS CAT. The house at Lonesome Acres is cluttered with stacks of books. We think he picked up this name by sitting on a historical novel about Roman times.

Crimmie's full name was CRIMINALA QUINTESSA CAT. She told us that "quintessa" is an Italian title like "contessa" but better.

Marble's name was MARBLE QUILTY CAT. She obviously adopted the name after overhearing the horses discussing the results of The Tom Quilty, one of the most famous 100-mile endurance races in the world.

Cookie's name is COOKIE QUANTUM CAT which seems to indicate a scientific bent—or maybe high energy.



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